Monday, August 8, 2011

Not Going Back

Seriously fuck rude ass people. What the hell is wrong with people these days? Seriously? What gives people the right to treat other like complete SHIT because they happen to have a job? I have no idea why this incredibly rude black woman decided to completely SHIT on me but here goes.

From this point on, she will be called Condescending Black Female Customer or CBFC for short. Now, I was working the cash register like usual when CBFC came through my line. She bought a jug of juice but also had a a paper inside plastic bag with groceries inside. I wasn't sure if she already bought the stuff and so just asked if she bought it and if she had a receipt.

Cue the flipping out of the century. She proceeded to continuously say that my question was STUPID. Repeated it several times. She had attitude and made me feel guilty for just doing my fucking job. And because I need this job and can't be fired for it, I held my tongue and just let her walk all over me.

Here's the thing, the bags at our store are EASILY acceptable. People can just take the plastic and paper bags. Also, there are customers who re-use the bags and bring them in time and time again. There are still other customers who will have done a refund or an exchange and have it in the plastic/paper bags. All you have to do is TELL ME. You don't even have to provide proof. Just by being pleasant and telling me is enough. She didn't even give me that! She just kept saying how STUPID I was for asking the question. Didn't even answer the question whether or not she even BOUGHT the damn groceries. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. I was following protocol and doing my job. I wasn't accusing her, it's just natural to ask. And all she FUCKING had to do was just say she already bought it but no she had to resort to treating me like SHIT.

And seriously? I was SO CLOSE. SO FUCKING CLOSE to flipping out on her. Telling her the reasons. But I didn't. Why? Because I'm poor. My family is poor. I need this job. I need money. But you know what?! I've had enough.


All my life, I've had to held my breath and just swallow everything. No way to defend myself. Just take whatever shit comes my way and deal with it. Be a fucking doormat. No. Way. I've had enough. I have had ENOUGH.

I used to be scared of the backlash. Of what would happen to me. But seriously? I deserve to be treated like a person. And while I may not sound like it now but I am an incredibly nice person. I'm polite. Talk to anyone who knows me and you'll hear that I'm nice and that people can't possibly fathom me doing anything wrong.

But there is a fine line between being nice and polite and then letting people walk all over you.

I don't care what it takes. I'm not working at my grocery job next summer. There are plenty of other places and opportunities for me elsewhere. I just have to work my ass off and get it.

So in a way, thank you incredibly CBFC. You helped me decided that I'm not going to tolerate your BULLSHIT.

I hope you learn how to polite and not blame everything on your race.

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