Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm a Writer.

Like, really. I am.

I don't know if it was because I happen to be the daughter of Korean immigrants or if it was the prospect of doing something on my own as a six-year-old but when I learned how to read THAT changed everything. Absolutely everything. I'm starting to realize that maybe my encounter with words isn't actually common nor was my reaction.

I still remember the moment when everything absolutely clicked. CLICKED. Literally everything snapped together and I saw the big picture. I can't even begin to describe my excitement as a first grader when realizing that the letters t-h-e spelled out a word that I knew. The first book I learned how to read was because I've heard it being read so many times and since it was a rhyme accompanied with related pictures I knew the words by heart. Then connecting the letters, sounds, and words into a cohesive story? It was magical. There was a small booklet I got to use for practice. It was basically a really short picture book but I remember going home that day and reading it over and over and over and over and over again. Probably annoyed my parents because I must've read it aloud so many times as well clearly proud of my new ability.

I've always found that writing has come easily to me. I feel most comfortable expressing myself through words. Typing them out or writing. I'm not as good as a speaker than a writer.

And I just had another revelation. Maybe the reason why I happen to just suck at math and science is because of two things. 1) Where is the story? There is no story. No plot. No characters. When I was learning about math and science I had to memorize the formulas and equations. I had to practice again and again the problems so I can remember them for a test. It was boring and no fun at all. Whereas subjects like English, history, and social sciences? Some stories were real and others weren't. But that was the main difference. There were characters, a plot, and a story. Which brings me to reason number 2) writing helps me understand. I excelled in those three subjects because I had to write essays and plenty of papers analyzing everything. No wonder math and science just got harder for me. I can't just be given concepts and expected to infer how to solve a problem. I have to work it out through writing and expressing things in my own way to comprehend it.

Damn. I think this one takes the cake for revelations. Really. Damn.

That does it. I'm double majoring in English and Sociology. Then I'll be thinking about graduate school.


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