Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mulan's Hair Cut

My hair was up to my shoulders when I last cut it. . .two years ago. Yeah, my hair grows fast. Asian Rapunzel?

Today I am hanging out with E. P. and feasting on Korean food, getting our hair cut, and watching Korean dramas. It's going to be awesome.

But why am I cutting my hair? I mean, yes, it's long. But you see, I feel like I've been hiding behind my curtain of hair. The only part of my body that anyone has ever complimented or called pretty. The only part of my body that people envy. And when you're almost 100 lbs overweight with nothing else to brag about, you take what you can get. By cutting my hair, I am telling myself that there is so much more to me than just my hair. That there are other parts of my body that are pretty as well and that I don't need other people to affirm that for me.

I am beautiful the way I am right now. And I am working hard to become an even more beautiful person by deciding to take care of my body and take some responsibility for the years of neglect.

And the link to Mulan?

I mean, no I'm not running off to the army but this is definitely a turning point for Mulan. I really want to do this. Lose weight. Become healthy. Change my life for the better and follow my own path instead of what is laid out before me.

So yeah. Let's hope the haircut doesn't turn out too badly.

And just for fun~


Okay. After picture!

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